International University Unveils a New Online Campus

by Caliber Media Group on November 19, 2014

Uniting five Southern California colleges, an International University online, and its university students studying worldwide, Hope International University‘s new digital campus has debuted to serve students from Fullerton to Fujian.

HIU.EDU now welcomes students directly into a new online campus experience — delivering one-click access into each student’s academic pursuits, whether as an undergraduate on campus, an online undergraduate, as a member of HIU’s graduate students programs, or as an international student.


“A new web design standard for this academic institution needed to reach the university’s own standards of educational excellence, certainly to reflect HIU’s outstanding performance in their U.S. News & World Report rankings,” states Terry Gniffke, Caliber Media Group’s CEO. “This cherished California university sought a re-architected online campus, responsive in design to visitor experience but specifically responsive to each student’s own academic journey across the colleges.”

To facilitate every student’s enhanced access to university resources Caliber also constructed a robust and fully customized Content Management System (CMS) for the university administration – technically tailored for school administrators themselves, enabling department-by-department management for each school’s respective digital assets. Dynamic intramural content publishing was enabled within the university’s new digital campus, with instant Social Media access spanning across all departments while in-depth web analytics systems serve to allow further optimization for both site publishing and campus navigation online.

“From Fullerton to China’s Fujian Province, from Australia to Costa Rica, the student body now has one central, shared campus to access and experience online,” reports Mark Senefsky, Caliber’s Executive Vice President. “Of course, every student’s educational experience — within and across the university internationally — commences at Admissions, and that department’s resources are also designed to be immediately welcoming and intuitively helpful. Caliber is honored to assist Hope as it pursues its vision for higher education in California and for its student body worldwide.” Hope International University is also ranked within the top-50 Christian Colleges in the United States.


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Digital Marketing Done Right – Part 1

by Caliber Media Group on July 1, 2014

Digital Marketing by Caliber Media GroupDigital marketing is certainly a part of our everyday lives as business professionals, but what exactly is it? And more importantly, how does one use it to their advantage?

Digital marketing refers to various promotional methods aimed at reaching customers in digital space, according to Techopedia, and it embodies a wide range of tactics, which use the internet as the core medium. Digital marketing is much more targeted than traditional marketing efforts and usually has a lower cost than traditional marketing efforts such as print or television advertising.  The lower cost often makes it an ideal choice for many businesses to reach their customers, but because it is so targeted it is critically important to engage the appropriate audience for your products or services.

Digital marketing has many forms, each with their own niche audience. Some of the most common types of digital marketing tactics include email campaigns, display ads, and mobile marketing.  An effective digital marketing campaign may include only one, none, or several of these tactics – it all depends on who the target audience is. If your target audience is between 34 and 55 years old email is a great choice because research has shown that many Gen-X’ers are highly receptive to email promotions.

However if you are trying to reach the ever-elusive millennial crowd, you are probably going to need a much broader campaign that encompasses mobile marketing, display ads, online video, and more.  The great part of digital marketing is that it is highly targetable, so the more you know about your target audience the more you can target them.  For instance, if you know your target audience is made up of males between the ages of 25 and 36, with income of more than $50,000 a year, it is possible to buy email data for that exact audience, or target sites with user demographics that match your audience profile for advertisements.  The more you target your audience, the better chance you have of engaging them and converting them into a customer – which is the truly great thing about digital marketing.

The down side of digital marketing is that there are, without appropriate strategy, endless ways to waste money on it. Advertisements that do not hit their target market, too much emphasis on social media, or email blasts that lack compelling content are just a few of the many ways a business can get into trouble with digital marketing. The good news is that with the lower cost, and the multitude of different opportunities out there, digital marketing is a slightly more flexible form of marketing. The best bet is to partner with marketing firms that are experts in the digital world that can get the most benefit for your marketing dollars.

Internet Marketing Orange CountyCaliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.


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