by Caliber Media Group / June 15, 2012

Website mobile readyThe use of mobile technology has increased exponentially in the last decade. Smartphones and tablets seem to be in every home. This is why the search engines have started to change the way they rank different sites. One of the main ways that has changed is with local organic search engine optimization (SEO) results. If your website does not have a mobile capable version, it is simply not going to get the same ranking as it would have a year ago.

Google has started to rank mobile searches differently when it comes to local SEO. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, websites that redirect to mobile sites incorrectly will be dealt with harshly. If there are subdirectories for the main website and the site redirects to the main smartphone-optimized URL, you are better off redirecting to the subdirectories on the mobile URL as well.

Google also ranks local searches higher for applicable results. For instance, if you are on a cell phone and you put in a pizza place, Google is going to find out what your location is and automatically populate that into the search results. You will get all the results for the pizza places near you that have a mobile site. Any site that does not have a mobile site will be left off of the list completely with no potential to sell you a pizza. In fact, even if you look up the specific name of the pizza place, there is no guarantee you will get a result for them.

Being found by every device possible is necessary for gaining as much local business as possible. A couple years ago, it would have been conceivable to consider whether to concentrate on a mobile site or a desktop site, but now it is absolutely essential to have both to get local results.

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