Top Ten Reasons Why You Need a Business Blog

Data courtesy of HubSpot

Just about every business has a blog tied in with the main site. New bloggers might wonder if they really need a business blog. In fact, having a business blog is probably one of the most effective ways to generate more interest in your company and blogs are increasingly tied to social media strategy. Here are the top ten reasons why this is true:

  1. Get Local Attention

    According to Spark 48, there is no better way to connect with your local clientele and build your business.

  2. Increase Your PageRank

    Your website position in the search engine results page (SERP) – or page rank relies more heavily on your blog and its effectiveness than you know.

  3. Create Authority

    Since almost everyone has a blog, your blog should be used to prove your professionalism, awareness of customers needs and knowledge in your industry. It will set you apart from the rest.

  4. Informal Dialog

    A blog opens the opportunity to create an informal dialog with clients and potential clients, because they choose to read the blog of their own volition.

  5. Keep the Attention of Your Audience

    A good blog is informative enough to maintain the attention of regular followers who will sign up for feeds to let them know when a new post is up.

  6. Get Some Feedback

    Every blog post is just one more opportunity to get feedback from clients through the comments.

  7. Manage Online Presence

    If there has been some negative press about your company, the blog is a perfect way to respond to it.

  8. Make Announcements

    Any press releases you have to make can be linked to through the blog or posted directly on the blog itself. Not only do you add content to your site, you keep your customer based well informed.

  9. Beat the Competition

    If your competition is not managing keywords on a constant basis, and you’d be surprised how many are not, you have the opportunity to overtake them on the SERP through effective keyword usage.

  10. Link Building

    As the blog becomes more popular, it is possible to use the link weight of the blog to increase the standing of the main site by linking to it more often. With Google’s recent changes in the way links are valued by their algorithm, it is more important than ever to have engagement from real people. Links are also an important part of any good search engine optimization (SEO) effort.

Our client’s blogs are a vibrant source of referral traffic. Many clients have made significant gains with highly competitive keywords utilizing their business blog effectively. For more information on how you can build your business blog contact Caliber Media Group.


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