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Business depend on their email marketing service (EMS) to provide vital services in support of their email marketing campaigns. The services they provide, the lists they generate and the messages they send are vital to continued business success. After all, email marketing is a proven, economical and effective way to get the message out about important products and services in effort to boost sales and profits.

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After initial success, many businesses find that their first EMS is unable to support a maturing campaign. Here are the top seven ways you can tell if you have outgrown your EMS that can help you determine if it is time to make a change.

1.) No purchased lists
Although most email marketers prefer to generate their own lists, sometimes their lead generation falls short. To keep up with demand, marketers must purchase qualified leads, but some email marketing services (EMSs) do not have lists available to use with their service, else they do not allow the use of purchased lists at all with their system. When growth exceeds the capabilities of the service provider, it’s time to start looking for something better.

2.) Can’t be sent from your own domain
Some email marketing services send mail with their domains rather than their client’s domain. This is usually a built in limitation of their system or a lack of technical competence.

Emails sent by domains that don’t match the domain of the sender can look suspicious to email filtering systems, detracting from the effectiveness of the marketing campaign with more spam rejections and fewer opens. When it’s time to move up to the next level, businesses should start looking for a email marketing service provider that gives them plenty of room to grow.

3.) Cost per sender is too high
An effective marketing campaign requires multiple senders to help make sure messages get through to recipients. Many service providers make it expensive to augment campaigns with additional senders. As programs grow, however, more senders are needed to accommodate the increased number of outgoing messages. This growth drives up cost, however, meaning that it’s time to find a new service provider that can provide additional senders at a better rate, eliminate spam penalties and increase your open rates.

4.) Cost per recipient is too high
Those who are just beginning to market via email may want to find a service provider that has the lowest rate for smaller recipient lists to maximize affordability. Those same plans often do not scale well price-wise as lists grow.

Outbound messages are usually billed at a cost per thousand recipients, so as marketing efforts progress, lists get larger and costs increase, business customers should look for an email provider whose cost per recipient declines as volume increases. When growth outpaces affordability, they have outgrown their EMS and must look for another with a more favorable rate schedule.

5.) Lack of custom data collection
To get the best results from email marketing efforts, businesses need to get as much information as possible from potential customers that sign up for their mailing lists. Many common EMSs don’t have the capability to add custom fields to sign up pages and scripts, limiting the client’s ability to grow. In cases where the EMS does allow custom data collection, users often face steep additional charges.

6.) No subscription options
Growing businesses soon realize that they need more ways to get names into their subscription lists than just a limited email form.

Some EMSs do not offer the ability to easily import external email recipient lists. When campaigns grow in size and number, the ability to manually add groups of subscribers is important, so it could be time to start looking for a more flexible service.

7.) Limited composition tools
Although some EMSs offer basic templates and tools for constructing marketing email messages, many companies develop their campaigns to the point where they need more control over their message. To their dismay, their plans do not allow them to develop messages using their own software platforms. This is a telltale sign that the organization may have outgrown their service provider.

When looking for a new EMS, customers should be sure to find one that has the tools that they need to develop the email messages that they need to grow and refine their marketing campaigns in their effort to reach developing objectives.

If any of these reasons for outgrowing an email marketing service seem familiar to you, the time is now to make the change before your current provider chokes off your continued success.



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