by Caliber Media Group / August 2, 2011

blog by Caliber Media GroupActive business bloggers grow their web presence by increasing both the number of pages in their website and the amount of content indexed by the search engines.

Bloggers who engage with their readers develop a following that helps foster relationships with their prospects and customers, building awareness and business over time (see related blog post).

But, these are the EXPECTED benefits… our mission in this post is to talk about the UNEXPECTED (often under reaped) benefits…and there are several.

Bloggers are closer to their customers because the act of writing on a continual basis inspires a connection with the audience that goes beyond simple ad copy.

Bloggers understand the nuances of their products because the discipline of writing inspires an understanding of the subtleties that customers appreciate.

Bloggers relate quickly to the changing needs of their customers and have the opportunity to adjust their products and services ahead of their competition.

Bloggers who are dedicated and passionate can become seen as experts or leaders in their field. 

Bloggers are more focused on their customers because they find themselves thinking about what they may enjoy hearing in the next post.  They write notes and dig deeper for interesting facts for their catalog of ideas for the blog.  This simple process of customer-focused engagement brings astute bloggers back to the audience and the audience back to the blogger.

Bloggers initiate two-way conversations between themselves (or their company, service or product) and their audience.  When customers start making comments about a post the writer is often inspired to go more in-depth and in different directions than they may have considered at the outset of a post.  Real communication happens in a conversation vs. a one-way message.

Bloggers develop a social media discipline expanding their interactions with prospects into conversations across social media platforms.  They develop a social DNA that prepares them to do business with “connected consumers” and opens up new channels of business.

Bloggers are the marketing listening posts for their company; they are positioned to see developing trends… test new concepts…in other words, they have their hand on the pulse of their business.  Market research is dead… real time market interaction is the order of the day.

Are you blogging… when are you starting?

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