Social Media Optimization- Making your Inbound Marketing More Search Engine Rich

Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media (SM) are considered distinct forms of Inbound Marketing but in many ways, they are related. Today there is a growing understanding for the need to optimize SM using the same principles as SEO; this helps capitalize on the growth of social media content that is seen and indexed by the search engines. Since 85% of people searching the web find websites via organic (natural) placement, this new understanding of how to optimize SM provides exciting, leading-edge opportunities for businesses to improve and even displace competitors in organic placement.

Keywords as the Foundation

The first key to optimizing SM content is a thorough understanding of SEO fundamentals. The most important of these SEO fundamentals is keyword analysis. Once the most effective keywords and key phrases are selected and optimized on your website, we know what to focus on to optimize SM pages and content.  These efforts ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

It is important to make sure you are using the same keywords when creating social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are the “big” 4) and content. One example is, if your most effective keyword is “pink frog” or “fine art” or “cheap shoes” you need to ensure that those words are in headlines at least once in the body of your content and in additional locations that makes sense both to the reader and to the search engines.

Unique Strategies for Each SM Platform

Second, beyond the SEO basics of keyword-focused website and SM content, many social media platforms have unique and changing optimization parameters. For example, Facebook indexes sections of Pages (formally fan pages, now business pages) but does not index Profiles. In terms of the ability to optimize for given keywords and contents, a Page is a necessary part of your Facebook strategy. YouTube, now the second largest search engine, is extremely search engine friendly if videos are properly optimized. Notice that you are seeing more and more video on the first page of Google. LinkedIn offers so many opportunities for optimization and business growth and yet very few people are aware of the business building opportunities on LinkedIn. Twitter moves information and offers around the Internet in the blink of an eye and has a tremendous following.

Getting Started with a Strong Strategy

Developing a well-optimized Inbound Marketing presence has never been so important as it is today for building your business through the Internet. Caliber Media Group’s Inbound Marketing department has extensive experience with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media development, which has enabled us to observe and act on this emerging search engine trend. The twin disciplines of SEO and Social Media development continue to evolve rapidly and Social Media Optimization is a powerful new tool to employ to your businesses advantage.

We will keep you posted as we follow this important internet trend.

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