by Caliber Media Group / December 6, 2013

Mobile Online ShoppingThe 2013 holiday shopping season is shorter than last year’s. Hanukkah starts on Nov. 27 with Thanksgiving right behind, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday encroach into December. Some experts believe this shortened schedule will lower sales.

But, what if your business can maximize on the following “advantages”?

  • Shorter shopping season will lead to online/convince shopping
  • Getting consumers attention in an economical way
  • Social media and email campaigns can benefit online businesses sales

The holiday shopping season is like the playoffs in the retail world. So how do you make the most of your marketing efforts and make sure you have a solid finish to the 2013 shopping season?

First you have to think about who your audience is and what the current trends are in your market. Some national trends for the 2013 season include an emphasis on online/convince shopping – music to the ears of large online retailers that have their products on Amazon. This is due to the shortened holiday shopping season during the holidays in 2013. In short, more people will want to shop for their entire list at one time and in a few places at most.

The best way to get in on the action for the online shopping craze this year will be:

  • To have strong offer packages that make your products an irresistible buy
  • Use multiple channels, like social media to distribute the message repeatedly

According to The Digital Journal, different mediums come into different peak times throughout the holiday shopping season. Targeted posts with special offers on Facebook, which can reach millions and limited time offers on Twitter can get your customers attention while on mobile devices and result in immediate buying decisions. Email ads to your opt-in lists with enticing subject lines catch shoppers on their desktop computers can be irresistible during the accelerated shopping season.

The great thing is that businesses can generate serious sales dollars for very little initial investment as social media and email marketing can be extremely cost efficient when done with your target audience in mind.

It’s not too late to maximize this holiday shopping season. Call Caliber Media Group to set up a social media holiday blitz in time for last minute online shopping!

Caliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.

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