Search Engines – Improve Your Rankings

Who doesn’t want their website to be number one on the search engine results page (SERP) for what they offer? There are plenty of people willing to do just about anything to get that number one slot.

According to Search Engine Land, this includes utilizing black hat techniques. While unscrupulous online marketers will argue the merits of using these less than ethical tactics, there is no denying the long-term consequences your site may be facing if you do. It is much better to use white hat SEO and all the benefits it provides.

Organic White Hat SEO Provides Predictable Long Term Results

Every change in the algorithm for Google, Yahoo and Bing has been to maximize the experience of the user. This means eliminating any results that are not in keeping with what the user was actually searching for. While some of these changes have been minor, others have affected thousands of websites (think Google Penguin and Panda).

The only true way to steer clear of being negatively affected by the changes in the search engine algorithms is to use organic, white hat SEO practices. These are the practices that create a site that provides useful and informative content to the user,  is laid out in a search engine and user friendly way and that uses current code standards for search engines to read. It is easier to maintain a high position with the search engines, when all of the content on the site and the menu structure is directly related to what the user is searching for. This results in a higher position with the SERP and more overall traffic.

You can get results when you target keywords that relate to your business and write useful content that shows your knowledge on the subject at hand of course but add the other factors and your site will see results more quickly. This helps to create attention from the spiders and will keep the attention of the search engines with a low bounce rate. This means high quality, keyword relevant content on the static pages of your website and many opportunities to gain for competitive keyword search with a target rich blog.

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