PPC Ad Strategies – Should You Buy Your Own Brand Name?

PPC - Should you buy your BrandThere are quite a few ways to save money when marketing online, but not buying your brand name for PPC ads can be a costly mistake. According to Search Engine Land, this is a mistake you cannot afford to make. The biggest argument against it is that the website will show up organically in the search engine results. While this may be true for most sites using good SEO, there is a flaw in the thinking.

Here are a few examples of why you should be at least considering buying your name for PPC ads.

Algorithms Change All the Time

An online marketing campaign that is working for you right now can shift very quickly if it is suddenly targeted by the search engines. Google is known for making changes that affect the PageRank for websites all the time. While this is not always going to mean a huge shift in your search engine results, even sliding one or two places can have a dramatic effect on traffic.

Any Missed Revenue Is Still a Loss

There is a very strong argument to be made that 80-85% of the revenue coming from search engines is from organic results. However, it is important to keep in mind that this means that the other 15-20% are choosing paid advertisements. If you are buying your brand keywords, there is a very good likelihood you will be gaining the benefit of the additional 20%. Since you can control your spending for this kind of marketing, it is just a good idea to pursue every avenue of revenue available especially when launching a new business or a new product.

The results of any effective PPC campaign cannot be denied. Be sure to track each of your ads and what keywords produce the best results based on your goals. Your PPC budget will go much further with better results if you do your keyword research, target your audience and write compelling ads.

Pay per click gets results when done right and the more you are able to put this effective tool to use for your company, the more revenue you can potentially enjoy.

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