by Caliber Media Group / September 19, 2013

pinterest_badge_redSearch Engine Land, Pinterest can be used to boost your local SEO results, but it has been shown that Pinterest can be used for all sorts of recognition by your clients and potential clients.

Getting Your Products or Services Seen

If you are new to the social media scene or you have a new product to roll out, Pinterest is a great tool to use. By being connected with several Pinterest boards, it is possible to pin something on your board from your website and have it instantly seen by all those who follow your board. The fact that Pinterest is being used for extensive link building in the wake of Google Penguin is a shot in the arm for many websites who needed to find better link sources or suffer page rank loses.

Connecting with Clients Made Easy

Even when you do not have anything going on, Pinterest is a great way to simply connect with your clients. Keep in mind that people will post just about anything that they are proud of. Is someone using your product or service in an interesting way? Did they pin it on their board? If so, re-pinning it on your board will give suggestions to anyone else who likes your business. It creates a reliability factor and just one more way to show people how your business fits into their lifestyle. It is just the kind of thing you need when trying to market in a way that is non-intrusive and broadens the imagination of those you are looking to do business with.

If you want some insight into how Pinterest would be a great addition to your social media and link building strategy, give Caliber Media Group a shout!

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