Passionate Business Communities Are Connecting with Social Media

Social Media Connecting Business with CustomersSocial media is driving connectivity between business and consumers

People naturally gravitate to other people, especially towards others with shared interests.  This natural, social phenomena has been going on for a very long time and it appears to be driving the exponential growth of social media in many forms. Look at the incredible rise of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Billions of posts are happening daily!

For centuries we have had organizing structures for groups that were passionate about; learning, business, art, music, religion, politics, hobbies, charities and many narrower interests.  For the most part these were limited by geography and communication constraints.  For example, if you were interested in model rocketry or cooking, there might be a local club, a hobby store, a TV show, classes and perhaps a magazine for shared interests.  Today…people and business are building social networks that are not limited to location.

The Internet, accelerated by social media, offers an opportunity for people with shared interests to have instant, global, real-time structures to create passionate communities around both broad and narrow topics and interests. Facebook and Twitter are just two examples of technology driving change today. There are 500,000,000 people on Facebook alone!

Almost any topic you can imagine has a passionate community on the Internet. Try for  yourself…just pick a topic and search. People who have never had a voice before have one today…green movement, people with dry skin, fans of bands and artists, religious organizations, corporations and many more have created groups large and small using the tools available on the web. Geography and communication are no longer barriers…the world is available to anyone with an internet connection.

This has profound implications for all of us as parents, community members, educators, and business people.  In business, we always are trying to understand and effectively communicate with our prospects and customers.  There is nothing more critical for a business than to understand what our customer’s want and need and what motivates them to use our products and services? Perhaps acting effectively on that knowledge!

Social media, blogs and websites provide a structure for us to connect directly with our customers in a two-way dialogue.  To accomplish this effectively, we need to understand what they are passionate about. People are passionate about a rich tapestry of things, concepts and ideas that are often not directly related to what we offer.

When you are aware of AND care about what your customers are passionate about, you have new opportunities to engage, connect and meet their needs. This is how you can build long-standing relationships, loyalty and improve your sales with social media.  Caliber Media Group offers CaliberReach to power your social media goals…give us a shout!

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