by Caliber Media Group / June 20, 2011

Content, Keywords, Links, Penalties, and What Really Matters

I just recently read an article on SEO theory.  As someone who has been working with search engine optimization for several years now, I was surprised by the complexity of their arguments and the lack of connection to “real world” optimization.

Here at Caliber Media Group we understand clearly that our customers and clients simply want to be found by people looking for what they have to offer when searching the Internet.

What Search Engines Value

Actually, theory is not as important as understanding what the search engines are trying to achieve when delivering search results. Search engines must deliver relevant search results to those using their products in order to survive in their competitive environment.

From our perspective, search engines value unique and relevant content, which they analyze for the frequency of words and phrases (keywords). They are very good at understanding the structure and meaning of text on a page, even understanding related phrases in context.

The search engine’s desire for useful information works nicely with the fact that prospective clients are searching for that same useful information on the Internet. So, by providing perspective clients and customers with the information they need we are able to fulfill the search engines’ need for content as well.

Choosing the Right Keywords

As we mentioned above, search engines rank the frequency of word use and determine the keywords of our content. One of the goals of search engine optimization is to be intentional in our use of keywords. By that we mean, choosing to use keywords that we believe our prospects are searching for on the Internet.

Once the search engines analyze the text and determine the keywords used, they attempt to measure the usefulness of that copy to others. One of the primary methods that search engines use to determine whether or not content is useful to others is to determine how many pages on the web reference that content. These references are known as links – the search engines count these links as “votes” for the text they link to.

Good SEO Practices to Get Results

When the search engines analyze a page they are evaluating hundreds of different factors as they attempt to evaluate the page content. They look at the viability of the code, adherence to standards, and attempts at “tricking” the system including duplicate content. Good SEO practices include careful review of each page, and the site overall, to reduce the number of penalties that negatively influence SEO.

Caliber Media Group’s approach to SEO is to create content that is not only useful to prospective clients and customers but that is also remarkable enough for other to link to, while choosing keywords that clients are searching for on the Internet.  All this while minimizing potential penalties.

This is the basis for all the work we do.


Caliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.

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