by Caliber Media Group / September 5, 2013

LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social media site created for people in the business community to make connections and find opportunities. Today, many people who are on LinkedIn are there for both business and personal reasons.

A savvy business or company will use LinkedIn to get more from their online marketing campaigns and to build a reputation within the LinkedIn community, thereby cultivating trust, future business contacts and company growth.

Here are a few ways in which you can use LinkedIn to get the results you are looking for:

1 – Make Important Announcements

One of the big ways that businesses are using LinkedIn is to announce new information. By building connections in an appropriate network on LinkedIn, it is possible to make announcements that will instantly reach a broad audience. According to, most big businesses are using this technique to call attention to their main site in order to build brand awareness and revenue.

2 – Share Information about your Company on your Company Page

Another important aspect of LinkedIn is that allows people to learn about the company in a less formal setting. Going to the website can tend to make people feel as if they are reading nothing more than an advertisement. By reading much of the same information on LinkedIn on your Company page, it gives people the feeling that they chose to gain the information, thus making it their own. Tip: Information obtained this way is far more likely to be retained and acted upon.

3 – Connect with people through Groups

Many groups exist on LinkedIn. Groups are essential to business success on LinkedIn. Make sure that you are stopping in, making comments, sharing relevant information and starting discussions within your chosen groups. This will establish your place within the group but will also build your role as an Influencer. Just being a member of certain professional groups will lend credibility to your account as well as to your business. Tip: Be choosy; don’t associate with a group that will say negative things about you or your company or waste your time that is best spent in a group that appreciates your input.

4 – Write Articles or Blogs with a view to become and Influencer

LinkedIn may never invite you to join the panel of article writers considered to be the top leaders in their field (like Warren Buffet on business, President Obama on politics or Sir Ken Robinson on education), but you can be an Influencer in your field. By sharing remarkable content within the groups you join, stimulating dialogue and answering questions on a regular basis, you become an “Influencer” within that group. If you have picked your groups wisely and do this on a regular basis, LinkedIn grants you temporary status as an Influencer while you engage and gradually moves you or your company up in their “organic” rankings.  That means when people outside your search for your area of expertise you become visible. Tip: High search rankings on LinkedIn are much like organic ones on Google. People grant a lot of credibility to organic search results. 

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