by Caliber Media Group / May 29, 2014

Money lost to competitorsEcommerce and online shopping are more popular than ever, and are only going to become more popular. With the prevalence of online shoppers comes a wide selection of eCommerce solutions to choose from.

The question to ask is not, what does your eCommerce website cost, but rather what does your eCommerce website cost your business in lost sales? If the answer is yes, investing in the right eCommerce solution is a growth necessity – an investment in your business. The right online solution will pay for itself many times over.

So, is it time to rethink your eCommerce strategy so that your business captures and retains more market share?

eCommerce done right equals huge money in today’s market. According to Statistic Brain global eCommerce sales in 2011 totaled more than $750 billion, and 83% percent of shoppers have purchased something online. If you are an eCommerce-based business, you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your online store.

So what is important in an eCommerce website? The most important part of an eCommerce website is the ability to move the visitor to a purchase decision. This is easily overlooked with all of the features that are available online these days, but the fact remains that, if your eCommerce site has a tricky or hard to navigate check out process, your customers are going to abandon their carts in search of a competitor with a better system…and your prices might be better!

It is also important to consider that eCommerce solutions are much more than just a shopping cart – social media integration, campaign management and specialized search engine optimization capabilities, among others, play a huge role in getting shoppers to the site and converting to sales.

eCommerce website mobile shoppingAnother important aspect to consider is mobile responsiveness.  According to Internet Retailer, in 2013 shoppers spent more time browsing eCommerce websites using mobile devices than they did on computers. If your eCommerce site is not mobile responsive, chances are, you are driving a significant amount of traffic to your competition. Other important features are well written, unique product descriptions, images, videos, and reviews – these all drive conversions.

Back end features are just as important. Tracking analytics and reports showing sales, revenue, and products viewed, etc. are important for business to analyze their market performance and provide metrics for success. Customizable email integration allows for enhanced customer service by providing email confirmations, and it allows for advanced marketing to existing customers to keep them coming back.

So, if your eCommerce site does not incorporate the above-mentioned features in a highly useful fashion, tailored to your business, it is definitely time to rethink the cost to your bottom line. This is also true if you are using an out-of-the-box eCommerce solution. If you want to accelerate your business growth it may be time for an upgrade.Unique eCommerce website

Caliber Media Group has years of business success handling a broad range of eCommerce needs for clients. Caliber’s eCommerce solution, CaliberCommerce features endlessly customizable, scalable options to give your business exactly what it needs to increase market share and sales and beat the competition.

Call us today at 714.867.1600 or visit to learn how we can help you meet your ecommerce and other marketing needs.

Caliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.

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