by Caliber Media Group / November 1, 2013

Internet Marketing Business BlogSo you are finally convinced (or almost convinced) by everything you have heard and read (including from Caliber Media Group, Orange County’s expert Internet Marketing Agencyshameless plug) and you have decided to go ahead with a business blog.

An important, even critical first step, is to determine 1) how your blog will help your current and future customers and 2) how that helps your business be more sucessful.  For example, you may want to become a resource about your product, market or industry, elevating your company’s visibility and creating brand recognition.  You may also wish to provide current and future customers with tips and knowledge that will help their businesses become more successful.  If your company caters to a niche or special market, you could decide to dominate the search results for your product or service by becoming an authority.

Remember that even though you are not creating a personal blog, your business blog will give a  “human face” to your company. Inviting comments and two way dialogue give business owners priceless customer feedback to act on and give your readers a new channel of communication.  The point is, make your business’ blog work for you 24/7 by working for the readers.

Once you have determined how a business blog can best support your business goals, you now face the challenge that all writers face – How to start?

Here are 5 great tips to get you off and running:

1. Compile a list of resources – Most business and organizations already have a treasure trove of resources that can be tapped for blog posts:

  • Your company purpose or mission statement
  • Training manuals or other knowledge bases
  • Product information sheets
  • Customer requests for information or support
  • Company news and events
  • Favorite articles and magazines relavant to your business and customers
  • FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)
  • Sales people and customer service people
  • Blog and websites of related companies and competitors
  • Your own website – revisit sections that can be repurposed in blog format

2. Build a list of possible blog articles and rank them as to interest and usefulness to your readers who are customers and potential customers.  Most writers keep this list fresh with new ideas and inspirations.

3. Commit to a frequency of posting – we suggest a minimum of weekly.  Schedule the writing and posting date in your calendar! Adding fresh content to your website on a regular basis sprinkled with good keywords and informative links is gourmet food for the seach engine spiders that crawl the web!

4. Start – commit to writing 4 blogs selected from your list…in other words “Just Do It!” You will want to have at least 4 blogs ready to go (even if you post them weekly) to avoid doing one and quiting. But a word of caution: The possible “side effects” of writing several blog articles to get started are: 1) you might get inspiration for follow up articles 2) you may find it easier and easier to write and 3) you risk becoming more knowledgeable about your customers!

5.  Get help if you need it  – Most people in business are wearing a lot of hats.  Blog writing can be a very effective method of connecting with prospects and customers, plus it is excellent for organic search engine optimization. Don’t underestimate the boost in business results that an active blog can produce for your online business presence. Remember, each post when properly written counts as a new page for your website and it counts as new content for your website. Content is what search engines use to determine if your site is relevant when people search for the goods and services you offer.

You may also want to read our previous blog on content and keywords.

Blog writing and optimization are part of Caliber Media Group’s CaliberReach™ service.  You can learn more about CaliberReach and our other inbound marketing programs here.

Caliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.

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