Google+ For Business – How To Use It

Google+ for businessLet’s face it. Social Media, which includes Google+, is here to stay. Search engines place increasing importance on the links generated by social media and in fact, SM is now an important element of search engine optimization (SEO). There are several new ways to use social media for business purposes.

Google+ is one of the ways available to connect with clients and potential clients. Of course, using it appropriately and representing your brand is a very important part of marketing.

According to Smart Insights, not many businesses are using Google+ the right way. This has more to do with apathy than a lack of wanting to get results. There is often just no real vision of structure or strategy to the marketing approach used on Google+. As you will see, having an idea of what you are looking to accomplish and how you are going to get there will garner the kinds of results you are looking for.

Decide What You Want

It will be impossible to get results from Google+ if all you know is that you want to get results. First, establish the “voice” for all your social media – professional, light, educational, helpful, etc. – and second, be specific in the kinds of results you want to get from every post. For example:

Take Advantage of the Google+ Medium

Google+ allows you to fully customize the look of your account. Take advantage of this and create an account people want to see when they land on it (Example on Google+). If people see an account that is simple or bare of attractive elements that represent your brand, your potential client may think that it is not actually associated with your business and disregard it or worse draw a negative conclusion. Use company logos and imagery to let people know they are in the right place and take advantage of their attention to get a message across.

Use Google+Business and other forms of social media to connect with the individual on a personal basis first and on a business basis second. You will be able to get better results.

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