Email Marketing Strategies That Are Effective

 Email marketing strategies with Caliber Media GroupEffective Email Marketing Strategies:  With all the interest in Internet marketing strategies, email marketing is something that many think has fallen by the wayside. This is an unfortunate circumstance, because according to the small business section of Chron (The Houston Chronicle), email marketing is still very effective.   In fact most savvy marketers use email marketing every chance they get.

Affordable Marketing Solution

The first thing to consider if you are entertaining the thought of using email marketing is just how affordable it is to market in this manner. As long as you have an established email list, you will only need to spend the time to create the emails or newsletters you plan to send out. Sending the emails costs less than you might imagine.

The Importance of the Opt-In

To make sure that the email marketing campaigns you are sending are being received and read, you need to have an email list loaded with email addresses that are opted-in. This means that the recipient chose to be on the email marketing list and is expecting to receive emails from you. This will prevent your email from ending up in spam or deleted upon receipt. It also means more people will see your emails.

Targeting Emails Correctly

 Keep in mind that no one enjoys receiving solicitations as the only communication they receive from a business. Even those who at one point opted-in to the email marketing list will ask to be removed. As long as you are making sure to keep the emails light, friendly, informative with a dash of marketing strategy and occasional offers of interest to your list, you will maintain your audience longer.

Tracking Your Results

Every email you send out is a chance to connect with your audience. Get to know the interests of your core demographic and include this in your emails to get a better response that will lead to a much higher open rate and return on investment. Make sure you utilize an email method that allows you to track how many emails were delivered, how many opened the email, what links people clicked on and the number of conversions you get.


Most businesses overlook the power of re-messaging. When too many people do not open your message, it’s time to re-message. Try more than one subject line and measure how it affects your results. Sometimes, the differences can be huge and lead to significantly more conversions even with the same content in the email. Another time to re-message is to the people that did open your email but did not convert. This group showed an active interest. Did you message contain sufficient information or incentive for them to act? There is no rule that says you can’t design a new email to this group and ask them what you could have done that would have resulting in more engagement.

Caliber Media Group offers CaliberConnect, an effective turnkey, managed email solution that our clients find delivers their brand message powerfully with high ROI.


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