Email Marketing Overview

Email marketing is a key success tool for many businesses for one reason: it works. With the power and accessibility of the Internet, businesses can make the most out of their customer and contact lists while generating highly targeted leads through Web site activity. Caliber Media Group’s email marketing offering may be viewed here…

One attractive attribute about marketing via email is the cost. Email marketing saves businesses money over traditional print and media advertising. Even when using valid, targeted leads, the cost of generating those leads and then marketing to them is relatively low.

The time-saving benefits of using email to market is another positive feature that attracts businesses. Messages can be sent simultaneously to thousands of recipients and the feedback from them can be used to update lists quickly and easily. Also based on feedback, leads can be taken to the next level by personal contact, or other marketing techniques.

Because email lists are built from solid leads, the people receiving messages are those who are most interested in them, meaning that efforts are almost always more productive than blanket marketing efforts.

Although there are so many good things to say about marketing with email, some businesses resist its use for fear of being labeled as a spammer. This misunderstanding can be easily avoided by reminding recipients why they are receiving email messages. For example, if they signed up for a particular mailing list, requested a quote for products and services or subscribed as part of a Web site membership. A simple statement to that effect can be key to determining whether a message is read or if it is sent to the trash can.  Wikipedia has an article of value for more information.

Perhaps one of the best reasons marketing through email is popular among businesses is because results and progress toward goals can be easily measured. This means that the message being sent can be revised in real time based on what works and on what doesn’t work.

Email marketers can tell how many messages are opened, how many result in clicks to the company’s Web sites and how many recipients ask to be removed from the list. By analyzing what subjects lead someone to open a message and what content leads to clicks, marketing becomes more targeted and thus it become more effective.

Those who are now interested in email marketing should get started today and start reaping the rewards tomorrow. Caliber Media Group offers email services as a stand alone service or as part of an integrated suite of services.

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