by Caliber Media Group / January 15, 2013

Dynamic Retargeting by GoogleWebsite owners do everything they can to get more traffic to their sites. Extra steps are taken to use just the right SEO methods, the right keywords are targeted, and you may even use some PPC ads. All of this brings in interested people to the site to take a look, but if they do not buy anything, that is the end right? Not necessarily.

Google AdWords has a program called dynamic retargeting that is highly popular for good reason. The program captures the attention of those who failed to convert by showing banner ads on other sites the visitor might travel to utilizing AdWords. A cookie is applied to the browser and is read by the new site the visitor travels to so it understands what banners to display. Pretty elegant and effective.

In the minds of the user, it appears to be a coincidence that the website is showing up again and again on other websites. It is not a coincidence at all, because you are paying to have those ads show up where they will be seen again and redirect traffic back to your site for a second or third chance at a conversion.

According to Search Engine Land, the program is so popular that a new version is available to all Google Merchant Feed customers. In addition to a static banner, the ads now contain information based on what the visitor recently looked at. This will include alternative decisions as well as related items that go with a purchased item. Once the banner is clicked on, you are charged, but it is well worth the charge because the return trip has been providing more success than the original trip in most cases. By boosting conversions, it is possible to enjoy even better revenue and who doesn’t what to improve the bottom line?

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