Don’t Stop With Finding Your Audience!

Reach your audience onlineNow that you found your audience…what are you going to say?  They press play on the video. They see the advertisement with the QR code. They arrive at your mobile site. You don’t want them to stop here.

Remember the end goal is to get them to buy your product, engage your services or, if they’re not ready yet, start an ongoing active relationship where you can continue to court them.

So do you simply list off some generic benefits of your product or service and cross your fingers?  How about you offer them a deal and hope they take you up on it?  Surprisingly, this is how many businesses attempt to engage their audience, really having no idea if it’s working.

Keys to Engaging Your Audience

If you want your audience to stick around and hear what you have to say, you have to think like they think.  That’s right, it’s not about what you want to say, it’s about what they want to hear.  Although this takes some effort, it pays to be thoughtful here. A few things to keep in mind:

Think through age, gender, income, education, careers, etc. You can imagine how these factors will shape how you talk to them.

Think through pain points, direct benefits, advantages over your competition, etc.

If not, teach them!

Address these concerns directly or your audience might not hear you. Is it the price? Explain how your product/service saves them money in the long run.

Paint them a brief picture. Help them visualize their life with your product or service.

Tips to Talking to Your Audience

There are some key elements to how you should talk to your audience and its something we like to call “Content Strategy.”  Here are 3 main elements to get you started:

More to come on Content Strategy, along with implementing Landing Pages so you can track your efforts.

Caliber Media Group can help you find your audiences…give us a call!

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