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Content Strategy by Caliber Media GroupContent strategy on a successful website needs to be created and implemented properly in order to get the best results. According to Brain Traffic, this includes:

After all, the original web gurus always said that ‘content is king’. This is even more true today than when the idea of online marketing first started. In the past search engines looked primarily at the home pages of websites. Now, each page needs to have its own unique and relevant content to meet the requirements of the search engines and hence searchers.

The main focus of a defined content strategy is to discover exactly what kinds of content is going to produce optimal traffic from your target audience. It is important to start by doing through keyword research and to make sure each page of the website has its own relevant keyword focus. Experts spend a lot of time determining what keywords and keyword baskets are important to the goal of the website, and generating content that will produce organic rankings. Content strategy is also an essential component to SEO (search engine optimization).

Pay close attention to what content is performing, i.e. drawing traffic to the website and what content is not doing anything to benefit the site. Keywords and topics that are effective can be referenced in additional content, especially on blogs. Studying the habits of visitors by tracking what pages and links produce the most traffic are good ways to determine what content will get the traffic, sales, or leads that meet your business goals.

There are several ways to create a content strategy that will produce quality traffic. While some web marketers create content to only gain the attention of the search engines, those who are most successful create content across all main pages of a website that is highly relevant to the user. Increasingly search engines direct people to websites based on useful and relevant content to the user vs. just looking at keywords and key phrases.

In any event, searchers who arrive at a website only to find out it was not what they were looking for will abandon that site and start their search over again. In addition, search engines take note of the bounce rate (abandonment) by visitors. Over time, sites with high bounce rates can effect organic rankings. Remember, the goal is not really to get people to your website, it is to keep them there and convert visitors to customers or fans.

The bottom line is, create content worth reading to the search engines and searchers, and the results will pay off in dollars.

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