by Caliber Media Group / October 4, 2011

Money Down the DrainCaliber Media Group in Orange County, has been advising clients for 11 years on how to grow their businesses online with internet and email marketing services. Our “secret sauce” is revealed in a new series of articles, “Marketing as an Investment: Short Term and Long Term Strategies that Generate Results”.  Please enjoy this first installment.

Part 1- Are you tired of watching your marketing dollars fly out the door – 5 Steps to convert marketing costs to sales benefits

It time to rethink marketing.  The web has changed how people buy and from whom they buy.

The main goal thought out this series is how to capture much more benefit from your marketing dollars. By using your dollars more effectively to generate more leads and converting leads to sales, your business grows.

So if you think some of these dollars are…well, going down the drain, read on.

Marketing is about driving sales. It’s not about how much you’re spending, it’s about how you’re spending it. Instead of “spaghetti marketing” (that is throwing money at a bunch of different things and hoping it works) we recommend a more effective approach.

Here is some of what we have learned over the years on how to market precisely to reach your business goals and generate better sales results. 11 years of experience advising clients how to grow their businesses online with internet marketing taught us this; Superior results occur by taking five important steps with all your marketing efforts:

  1. In depth research and analysis of successful online competitors
  2. Appropriate strategic marketing planning
  3. Consistent execution of your marketing plan
  4. Frequent re-analysis of results and adjusting to be more effective
  5. Laser focus on converting leads to customers

Strategic marketing is an investment that will yield a strong ROI if planned and managed correctly.

In the upcoming series of articles “Marketing as an Investment: Short Term and Long Term Strategies that Generate Results”, we will explore in depth:

  • Common marketing misconceptions and best practices
  • Guidelines for establishing an appropriate marketing budget
  • How and when to use Outbound and Inbound Internet Marketing
  • Short term and long term marketing tactics
  • Tracking and success metrics

At Caliber Media Group, our goal is to guide you in creating a successful marketing plan that ensures your business consistently connects to a growing number of targeted customers.

We want you to see more money flying IN the door!

Next in the series: Part 2 – Marketing as an Investment: Short Term and Long Term Strategies that Generate Results – Marketing Planning – 4 Common Misconceptions that Waste Dollars and Kill Results

Join us for the newest Caliber University seminar on “Marketing as an Investment” on October 12th at 2pm. Participants receive the  full-length white paper “Marketing as an Investment: Short Term and Long Term Strategies that Generate Results” please contact Kelly at Caliber Media Group.

Caliber Media Group has been doing effective digital marketing over ten years. To see what a custom tailored approach to digital marketing can do for your business give us a call at 714.867.1600 or visit us online at for a free consultation.

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